Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new adventure ...with a hawk this time

Ok so I found myself heading to Taffy's place in Kennewick WA after attending the PNFPG meeting last weekend and got talked into staying an extra day cause we were having too much fun going to the giant craft fair and other 'shopping'.
Taffy had me feed her Hawk and that was a neat experience. Sniper is a 16 yr old Harris hawk and gorgeous. He did not like me at first since I was strange to him but food was his motivation to get closer and see that I had his dinner. He made a few turns and tried to rip the dead bird out of my hand but I held on till he finally sat on my hand...It is so interesting to watch the instinct to protect his food. He would wrap his huge wingspan around my hand so I could not see it and possibly take it away.
The real bummer was that we were able to be outside in the morning and have our coffee sitting in the hammocks....compared to freezing temps here at home. Having to go back to those temps was a little sad but we have had some amazingly balmy days since I returned so it's not too bad.
OK so I lied, it is snowing again this morning.....grrrrrr....I better get used to it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daddy has a brand new toy...Christmas came early or what!!!!!!

I have a new dog..Piper

She is getting used to playing with Meister our Kommodore and she is totally unaware of her size...too funny to watch ...after a good romp she is happy to lay in her chair beside the computer until Brian makes popcorn and then she is gone for her share.

The Heritage Farm even named a cow after me...

The Karsh Exhibit the Heritage Farm and two great kids

I really enjoyed Ottawa

Next it's off to Ottawa......

One of our first stops on the first day was the Byward market as well as the Robert By museum which gave us an indication of what a remarkable feat is was to build the Lock system on the Rideau Canal.
Then had my photo taken with Laura Secord.

Spending time in our Capitol was indeed a great experience. I stayed with a friend and her family and spent the days touring the usual tourist things while the children were at school. I surely appreciated having someone who actually lives there to show me around. I visited the Parliament buildings (and said hello to Jack Layton) the Museum of civilization, Rideau Hall, official res. of our Governor General on Sussex Drive and across from the Prime Ministers Res....Managed to catch the Karsh exhibit at the Archives and spent my last day strolling through the Canadian Farm Experimental farm...oops yes, also visited the RCMP Musical Ride Stables and watched some new recruits get their second riding that was fun to I don't feel so bad about my riding skills./

It's been a while but I needed some downtime...

Much has happened since my last post and the worst part was getting a new computer. No matter what they tell you things just do NOT stay the same so it's back to the learning curve and the many questions to those who know so much more...
Ok so Brian and I went to the first EVER Canadian Fjord Horse Association Evaluation in Ontario. We saw some very nice Fjords and participants were happy to learn with their fjords...also, nice to see familiar faces.
I then spent a few days in the Muskoka area and a trip through Algonquin Park. My friend Shelley has her roots at Billy Bear Resort in Lake country and we spent a few days in the area going to Artisan exhibits, seeing the area and watching the trees turn gorgeous colors from day to day.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friends showing our Fjords at Moses Lake Northwest Fjord show 2009


Katharina Hoenscher from Tengen, Germany has been with us for 8weeks and she will be returning home on wednesday. A full summer of activities has kept her busy with riding, driving, trecking and showing. She has met many of our Fjord friends in this time and they all feel like we do...she is a pretty amazing 16yr old. Her task over the summer was to work with two of our young fjords and have them work in hand and used to discipline and commands. Izzy has decided that working is pretty good and the attention is great. Baron is a weanling and leaving mom to walk on a leadline is getting easier now and behaving is not so bad after all.
Kath will return home this week and start a Agri course at a nearby college. We wish her good luck and much success.

oooops wrong horse

OK, so Molly goes out with Katharina and saddles up her fjord Nesja and they ride in the arena doing barrel racing and cones courses and "NESJA' just doesn't want to do what is being asked of her....hmmmm I am busy taking pictures and wondering if she is just being opinionated so I get a crop for Molly to help convince her to smarten up.....ALAS, I get closer and notice that she has the wrong genetalia?????what's upwith that????? THIS IS SAMBAR!!!!!! WRONG horse....Gotta love them thar Fjordies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saying good bye to Zen

It's been a hard couple weeks here with Zen not feeling well and refusing to eat..all meds and treatment seemed in vain and today the vet and I made the decision to let him go in peace. After 12 years of having this very loving animal in my life and receiving his unconditional love, I knew it was the right thing to do for him. Anyone who got to know this little guys will understand that he was my shadow and a soft place to fall. We buried him between Beau and Dempsey on the hill in front of the cabin overlooking the valley and he will be able to watch the goings on at Trinity Fjords...with his buddies by his side. Losing an animal/friend is always difficult and very sad but we do know that when we take on the task. We wouldn't have a full life without them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

BTW Erik the wonderful RED is now a jumping fool

Kath has had Erik out for a jumping lesson and he LOVES his daddy Raynor that is his reward for working hard. I also have photos forthcoming. I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to hear about his progress....OH yes, and Molly decided to jump rails last night. She did slide off her saddle (no stirrups) and landed on her butt....not to worry, she will listen better to instructions the next time.


Summer here with extreme temperatures (can you say hot) Kath is here for her internship and I lucked out. She is an amazing 16 yr old from Germany and a great rider and soon to be driver. She fits right in and is helpful and a self starter...My kind of gal.
The ladies of a certain age have come and gone and we had a great week, some good rides and the ever popular spa night. Ladies went home rested and rejuvenated and looking forward to next year.
As soon as I get a few photos I will post them. Irv and Kathy are now here for a few days and we will be busy doing mostly swimming in the river and kicking back.
Brian did the evaluation in California this past weekend and will be home tired and in need of a few days rest. It was hot hot hot for him standing in the rind watching 30+ horses and trying to keep his concentration in tact.He will be needing some days off which are hard to find around here in the summer.
photos to come in a day or sooooo.....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Erik the Red aka Raynor's Red aka Erik finds his groove

Wow what a weekend the boy had. The whole Trinity Fjords gang (Brian Ursula Wanda and Julie) spent the weekend in the very small town of 70Mile House in the Cariboo this weekend. About a 5hr drive from home (faster coming home cause it's all downhill)...The Huber brothers held their 3rd annual Cariboo Trails CDE. A venue in the growing stages but there were over 30 entries and it was EC (Equine Canada sanctioned). Quite a love area obviously a haven for fishing and hunting and we were told that mosquitos would be bad but we were lucky and did no problems: at dusk the stingers came out but soon left when it was dark.
This was our first attendance and we had a great time. The hazards were challenging but the land was mostly flat and only a small rough section during section A.
Erik was amazing: He again won his division in Preliminary Dressage and this time Ursula managed to steer him straight thru the cones course without faults...yeeeehaa...we were 1st overall after Dressage and Cones. In the two years that he has been driving with me he has won every dressage division and has moved up from Training to Preliminary in that time...quite a feat and shows how much he enjoys the sport. Julie (my navigator)saved my butt in the Hazards but we did get our share of time faults due to being too fast on section A and some brain farts in the Hazards...Oh well...Erik found that his 'motor' was at the back and that it would stand him well to use it.It all came together for him this weekend and I am thrilled with his prgress.
Wanda also won her Training dressage division for pony pairs and she drove an amazing test: unfortunately she had three balls down in sad..Julie had her hands full with Raynor who,of course, manages to attract his share of attention by being a show off and decided to drive the test HIS way. He duked her several times and but by the time of the cones course he had settled somewhat and she managed to get him straight enought to go clear on the course.
Brian drove the 4-in-hand and of course got his fair share of attention just by showing up. The four are so impressive as a unit and he drives them well. His dressage test was exceptional but they set the course too tight for the cones...the judge apologized and gave him his time. I did not get photos cause I was getting ready for my own test.
When all was said and done, Erik received 'best conditioned Horse of the Event" and won me a stethoscope from the Vet. I was thrilled as that is a great compliment for his conditioning and shows we were ready to take on this event. I also won the Sportmanship award and placed 3rd overall in our division. Brian got first for multiples.A great time was had by all....look out next year>>!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brian's new toy

As age is catching up to Brian he looks for new modes of affordable transportation to do farm work and chores around the farm. This is his new toy....what he REALLY wants is an ATV but this will have to do for now.