Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some CDE and Show footage from 08

Our Granddaughter Molly loves to ride her Fjord Nesja and at the age of 4 last year was in the leadline class at the Northwest Fjord Show at Moses Lake...she loved getting another blue ribbon.
This is the Postillion hitch that Brian, Wanda Julie and Susie put together to honor two members of the PNFPG who passed away in 08. Parents Aaron and Greta Cook joined the procession in honor of their daughter Kelsi

Ursula driving Erik The Red at the Teddy Bear CDE in Mead WA. this was an ADS sanctioned event and they pulled off the best dressage test for the event. This was Erik's first year of competitive driving and above they are in the cones course.

Julie (whip) and Ursula as gator are preparing to head out on the marathon with Ursula's stallion Penfrydd's Raynor.

Wanda(whip) with Brian as groom is saluting the judge before starting her dressage test. She is driving Trinity's Samstein and Trinity's Sakama

Ursula Driving Erik at Teddy Bear CDE in dressage...the winning test.

Teressa schmoozing with Erik who just had a bath and is looking mighty dapper. This was shortly before his dressage test at The Ranch CDE...Pritchard B.C.

Our son Aaren in the Log skid class at NWFS Moses Lake with his mare Trinity's Nesja. He agreed to do this class to qualify Nesja for the Family Fjord Award....she came up a few points short but she worked like trooper that weekend.

Julie driving Penfrydd's Raynor at the Pritchard CDE...a mighty handsome turnout.

Ursula with Erik in the Ladies to Drive class at NWFS Moses Lake. Erik did very well and placed mostly behind his daddy Raynor in most classes. Some day.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


2008 had me fulfill an item on my Bucket List by going to Tuscany Italy with my cooking friends. They are also Fjord Friends so we had more in common.
pictured are Susie, Teressa and Rick...below includes Michael, Nesa(prep cook) and our chef Patricia in front of the 300yr old villa.

We, at Trinity Fjords are joyful that Obama is the new US president today. We hope there will be positive changes for our American friends.

In keeping with the theme, yesterday was Martin Luther King Day and our own 41st wedding anniversary. pictured is our Family photo from last May when I turned 60. Included also are my two sisters and Brian's sister along with our kids Aaren and Vanessa and their spouses Kelly and Rick. Molly our granddaughter is front and centre.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Danes came in 2008

Edith trying her hand at driving pairs..Stein and Sakama are co-operating and showing her a good time.
Birgit has not driven for many years and her daddy would be proud to see her giving it a go. We tried to get her to publish this photo in her Danish Association Newsletter but Birgit is somewhat camera shy and refuses all photographs unless you catch her by surprize. There is not a photo taken to date that satisfies her.

Ole looks like an old pro handling this team. Good job Ole

The Danes and ourselves posing as they say good'by...l-r Meister the Kommondor, Ursula, Birgit (hiding) Edith, Ole and Brian. "Ya all come back now, ya hear?'

Bryn frolicking for the joy of her spectators

Birgit brings greetings from Denmark and talks about the fjord horse in Scandinavian countires but primarily the development of the breed in Denmark. She gave this presentation at the Moses Lake Show for all members. Thanks Birgit,

We were pleased to host some Danish Fjord Guests this year. Edith Hansen a judge and dressage rider/trainer, Ole Olsen, a senior Fjord judge in Denmark and the Pres. of the association Birgit Mortensen who is now also the vice-chair of Fjord Horse International. a BOD that Brian also has sat on for 3yrs representing Canada's CFHA, and the NFHR of North America.

We have had such fun at the annual Fjord Show in Norway over the years and being able to bring them to N.A. and show them our Fjords and what they can do, was great....they came to the PNFPG Northwest Fjord Show in Moses Lake with us to meet other breeders and owners of this marvelous breed.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our driving guests

Rory Miller is having way too much fun.

Verna Britton driving Sambar through cones...Yeehaa!!

More of our driving guests

Ron Britton of Naramata B.C.

New owners of Trinity's Kittil and Torstein took a driving weekend and had this to say.

"Wow..what a couple of days...great training, great cabin, great people great food...

cabin *****

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still more favorable comments from guests to come....

Keith Brighton taking Erik the Red for a spin while Betsy is taking her lesson.

Red Lodge Montana


Kay VanNetta loved driving the cones course and esp. with a pair this time....yippppeeee!

Betsy Brighton, Red Lodge MT.

sept 08 said " wonderful time, wonderful folks.."

Esther Haas, Baden, Wurteemberg, Germany...It was wonderful time and a great experience. I felt like a part of your family, your horses are awesome. Thank you so much for everything. I hope to see you again -maybe in Germany. Oh, unbelieveable but true I have fun to drive cones. Can't wait to come home and drive cones with my fjord!!!

Kay Van Natta Davisburg MI. Aug 08.." This was the BEST time ever! I had SO much fun and learned SO much. Fell inlove with driving pairs AND with B.C. Both Brian and his ponies were so kind to me...I'd LOVE to come back.."
Anytime Kay....just get in that truck of yours and head west...uj

Barb Neufeld, Didsbury Alberta June 08..Brian: Thanks for all your help! Beautifully trained horses excellent instruction and fun! Greg loved it all! Ursula, Raynor is so special thanks for sharing him with us..."

KRISTIN MILLER , Chehalis WA....July 0
"Thanks for Everything, What a wonderful time"....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trinity's Bryn first white dun foal born to Trinity Fjords in 08

Bastian Vom Oderhaff arrived from Germany as part of Lift of young fjords to Canada.

In this photo he was 2yrs old (1907)he is now 4 and meeting all of our expectations.

We were thrilled this year when our mare Rayetta birthed our first white dun foal this year (2008) from our young imported stallion Bastian vom Oderhaff (Germany). Bryn is now 1yr old and will be going to her new home in North Dakota in the spring.

This is Ursula and Brian at Norfjordeid annual Stallion show in Norway. (May 2008)

With all the snow we had this winter the time for 'dashing thru the snow' is a welcome change for Oma and Molly.

In the next few days i will be posting all of 2008 students who participated in our Driving Vacations. Come back and see us when you can.

A work in progress

Like my computer skills...this is a work in progress and as I try to make changes and add more photos for your enjoyment and interest we invite you to also look at our formal website for details of our driving vacations and our riding and driving programs.