Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new adventure ...with a hawk this time

Ok so I found myself heading to Taffy's place in Kennewick WA after attending the PNFPG meeting last weekend and got talked into staying an extra day cause we were having too much fun going to the giant craft fair and other 'shopping'.
Taffy had me feed her Hawk and that was a neat experience. Sniper is a 16 yr old Harris hawk and gorgeous. He did not like me at first since I was strange to him but food was his motivation to get closer and see that I had his dinner. He made a few turns and tried to rip the dead bird out of my hand but I held on till he finally sat on my hand...It is so interesting to watch the instinct to protect his food. He would wrap his huge wingspan around my hand so I could not see it and possibly take it away.
The real bummer was that we were able to be outside in the morning and have our coffee sitting in the hammocks....compared to freezing temps here at home. Having to go back to those temps was a little sad but we have had some amazingly balmy days since I returned so it's not too bad.
OK so I lied, it is snowing again this morning.....grrrrrr....I better get used to it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daddy has a brand new toy...Christmas came early or what!!!!!!

I have a new dog..Piper

She is getting used to playing with Meister our Kommodore and she is totally unaware of her size...too funny to watch ...after a good romp she is happy to lay in her chair beside the computer until Brian makes popcorn and then she is gone for her share.

The Heritage Farm even named a cow after me...

The Karsh Exhibit the Heritage Farm and two great kids

I really enjoyed Ottawa

Next it's off to Ottawa......

One of our first stops on the first day was the Byward market as well as the Robert By museum which gave us an indication of what a remarkable feat is was to build the Lock system on the Rideau Canal.
Then had my photo taken with Laura Secord.

Spending time in our Capitol was indeed a great experience. I stayed with a friend and her family and spent the days touring the usual tourist things while the children were at school. I surely appreciated having someone who actually lives there to show me around. I visited the Parliament buildings (and said hello to Jack Layton) the Museum of civilization, Rideau Hall, official res. of our Governor General on Sussex Drive and across from the Prime Ministers Res....Managed to catch the Karsh exhibit at the Archives and spent my last day strolling through the Canadian Farm Experimental farm...oops yes, also visited the RCMP Musical Ride Stables and watched some new recruits get their second riding that was fun to I don't feel so bad about my riding skills./

It's been a while but I needed some downtime...

Much has happened since my last post and the worst part was getting a new computer. No matter what they tell you things just do NOT stay the same so it's back to the learning curve and the many questions to those who know so much more...
Ok so Brian and I went to the first EVER Canadian Fjord Horse Association Evaluation in Ontario. We saw some very nice Fjords and participants were happy to learn with their fjords...also, nice to see familiar faces.
I then spent a few days in the Muskoka area and a trip through Algonquin Park. My friend Shelley has her roots at Billy Bear Resort in Lake country and we spent a few days in the area going to Artisan exhibits, seeing the area and watching the trees turn gorgeous colors from day to day.