Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friends showing our Fjords at Moses Lake Northwest Fjord show 2009


Katharina Hoenscher from Tengen, Germany has been with us for 8weeks and she will be returning home on wednesday. A full summer of activities has kept her busy with riding, driving, trecking and showing. She has met many of our Fjord friends in this time and they all feel like we do...she is a pretty amazing 16yr old. Her task over the summer was to work with two of our young fjords and have them work in hand and used to discipline and commands. Izzy has decided that working is pretty good and the attention is great. Baron is a weanling and leaving mom to walk on a leadline is getting easier now and behaving is not so bad after all.
Kath will return home this week and start a Agri course at a nearby college. We wish her good luck and much success.

oooops wrong horse

OK, so Molly goes out with Katharina and saddles up her fjord Nesja and they ride in the arena doing barrel racing and cones courses and "NESJA' just doesn't want to do what is being asked of her....hmmmm I am busy taking pictures and wondering if she is just being opinionated so I get a crop for Molly to help convince her to smarten up.....ALAS, I get closer and notice that she has the wrong genetalia?????what's upwith that????? THIS IS SAMBAR!!!!!! WRONG horse....Gotta love them thar Fjordies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Saying good bye to Zen

It's been a hard couple weeks here with Zen not feeling well and refusing to eat..all meds and treatment seemed in vain and today the vet and I made the decision to let him go in peace. After 12 years of having this very loving animal in my life and receiving his unconditional love, I knew it was the right thing to do for him. Anyone who got to know this little guys will understand that he was my shadow and a soft place to fall. We buried him between Beau and Dempsey on the hill in front of the cabin overlooking the valley and he will be able to watch the goings on at Trinity Fjords...with his buddies by his side. Losing an animal/friend is always difficult and very sad but we do know that when we take on the task. We wouldn't have a full life without them.