Thursday, February 2, 2012

summer training

4yr old Izzy is starting her training....She will do her first Arena Trial in 2012..she has her dad's (Raynor) athletic ability

Teressa's Cera is working hard...what a good girl

The Vorhoeves from the Island pick up their Fjords after training and a successful Breeding to Bastian...happy times


2,,.meeting Lorenzo ooolala

3...reunited with summer 2009 intern Kat.
1...and Ursula with Maennekin Piss in Belgium.

It's a New Year!!!!

Ok so I have been a tad slack in keeping things updated with this Blog but wanted to share some 2011 happenings.
..March had me back in Germany (with three friends) to attend Equitana and reunited with Kat and her mom
..summer training here at the farm for both people and their Fjords
...Bastian vom Oderhaff was sent to Montana to be with Breanne and learn some western riding as well as breed a few mares. He enjoyed it
...BC Summer games were sooooo fun
...New York city is even more amazing than anticipated
...Molly the super rider
...Winter family fun

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dashing through the Snow...the skijoring experience

January finds us all well and looking for new and exciting adventures. Raynor is well after his (operation) and he is now a pretty happy gelding. Solveig the German exchange student who hangs out with us on weekends has been riding him and he is quite enjoying the attention.

Right now our website is down due to our provider shutting his doors...I have my web host and favorite son working on correcting this problem. You may have to go to shortly to access until we can approve and activate the old .com site. I sound like I know what I'm talking about but I really don't so be patient. In the meantime the blog will serve as an interloper.
Pictured are Wanda,Solveig and I 'skijoring' yesterday and having a ball...we then went on a 2hr snow shoe up into the bush...needless to say I was 'bushed' last night. For Skijoring we used my regular harness and fed the traces through the shaft loops and then put some long heel chains on the end of the traces and a belt system that i could throw over my shoulder so I could disconnect very quickly by bending down and letting the belt slip off my shoulder....I used training driving lines as lines so I could use the full length if desired....I also found that going at a trot was much easier than seems that the steady speed of the trot allowed me to lean back into the belt and provide security and that way I was out of his mouth and able to have the right amount of contact for steering...I must say that corners are a challenge but we used the arena for safety and of course Raynor as the 'engine' because he is so steady, willing and doesn't spook easy....he also goes by verbal commands so I did not have to use a whip.....such fun but my legs and ankles were sore after only a couple rounds...Solveig and Wanda enjoyed it too and I am sure we will do it again.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung....

.......the grass has 'ris, I wonder where the tulips is? Actually temps in the mid teens is great, the robins are here, so are the geese and best of all the snow is GONE? Life with fjords (for me) can start. Raynor is all shed out and when I had him out and tied him in the sun to brush him, he looked at himself in a window and decided he liked what he saw.....started to strutttt his stallion stuff and told me '...bring on the girlies.....he is quite full of himself right now but he will soon get hitched up and some of that energy will be channeled into 'work'.

Erik the Red and Baron the youngin' both put their rabbit ears on and are hoping for Easter to bring them a treat.
March 14, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

The levetating food dish

"Duh, we were just standing around being bored, doin nuttin and there it came, the levitated food dish"!!!! not bad for a gray dull rainy day in January."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new adventure ...with a hawk this time

Ok so I found myself heading to Taffy's place in Kennewick WA after attending the PNFPG meeting last weekend and got talked into staying an extra day cause we were having too much fun going to the giant craft fair and other 'shopping'.
Taffy had me feed her Hawk and that was a neat experience. Sniper is a 16 yr old Harris hawk and gorgeous. He did not like me at first since I was strange to him but food was his motivation to get closer and see that I had his dinner. He made a few turns and tried to rip the dead bird out of my hand but I held on till he finally sat on my hand...It is so interesting to watch the instinct to protect his food. He would wrap his huge wingspan around my hand so I could not see it and possibly take it away.
The real bummer was that we were able to be outside in the morning and have our coffee sitting in the hammocks....compared to freezing temps here at home. Having to go back to those temps was a little sad but we have had some amazingly balmy days since I returned so it's not too bad.
OK so I lied, it is snowing again this morning.....grrrrrr....I better get used to it.