Monday, May 11, 2009

Moses Lake Spring Fling my driving students

We had so much fun with our lessons and hopefully all learned something.'
Karl Froelich with Trinity;s Bonnie Mai, Mary Johnson with Dustinae, Taffy Mercer and Reina, Teressa showing off her new 'Do' which the Minions gave her FREE...China Larabe with Josen and ooops, no photos of Penny Lane driving Reina...bummer.
thanks to all for your patience and participation. Spring Fling is such a great learning place for members of the PNFPG...check us out at

ok so I can't figure out how to delete the photo that is duplicated without getting rid of the whole pretend it's another/different photo.
I will now dig out some good photos of Moses Lake.

So much to tell you so little time

Molly has been doing awesome with her riding and now she has started driving Nesja. She is very motivated even with an attention span of a 5 yr old gnat.
the pictures tell it all. She is walking and doing a bit of trotting herself. I don't push her and she tells me when she is ready for the next step.
Safety is always our first priority.

Today we also received notice that Bastian has his first colt on the ground. He is in Alberta and we are not sure if he is white or brown dun. Sure is a cute little fellow. See him at 1 week old.

Also went down to Moses Lake last weekend for Spring Fling. Did some driving lessons and a short overview of CDE's photos show my students doing very well.