Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brian's new toy

As age is catching up to Brian he looks for new modes of affordable transportation to do farm work and chores around the farm. This is his new toy....what he REALLY wants is an ATV but this will have to do for now.

Neighbor's wedding

One of our neighborhood last remaining bachelors was married yesterday. Brian decided that our wedding gift to the couple would be to provide the bride (Tammy)with an 'entrance' as well as an exit (Tammy and Raymond) with our four-in-hand. The big deal would be to get the horses accross a very narrow one lane wooden bridge with the Shuswap river swiftly flowing underneath. A worry indeed but with the help of Julie and Wanda all went well. It was a lovely, fairly casual outdoor wedding at a small campsite and Hall on the Shuswap River. All went well and Carol and Jim Boehm came by to lend support and libation when it was all over. I managed to get a photo of Jim in true form.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Penfrydd's Rayetta did it again. She gave us another spectacular foal. Not white this time but with legs that have no end. Cute as a button and uses those legs to sprint around the paddock. A hoot to watch.
Trinity's Baron was born around 1am on June 9th 09....once he stood up he was afraid to lay down for fear of not being able to figure his legs out I'm sure. That same morning we let mom and Baron out and he was curious and adventurous...all good signs. All mom wanted is some green grass. When I was watching him try to attempt nursing he kept coming through to the other side and missing the nipple...way took him a couple tries before he figured out that he had to stop where the nipples were and work from there. He has his anticts for sure and is fun to watch.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Erik the Red shines again....Ursula is so proud of the boy doing Preliminary level in only 2 seasons of Driving competition

Pritchard cont....

Penfrydde's Raynor was a favorite again as he struts his stuff and keeps everyone alert to his antics. Julie did well with him and garnered two 9's on her training dressage test. She almost went clean on the Cones course and came in ahead of time and with a clean hazard round. She was pretty happy.
Macy and Shannon hung out with Erik the Red on Sunday.He attracted much attention with his good looks and charming personaility. People don't often get to see a red dun and were quite fascinated.


Pritchard, Gayle Jones Clinic and Back to Back CDE

June 14 & 15 took us to our first event for 2009. With two trailers, 6 horses and 3 drivers and two friends who wanted to experience a CDE, off to Pritchard B.C. we went.
The weather was fairly good this year aside from a few sprinkles and thunder clouds we had a great weekend. Brian drove his four on Sat and did all three components. I drove Erik in Preliminary for the first time. Wanda drove a pair and Julie drove Raynor. We all did GREAT and were happy with the outcome. Our new friends Shannon Walton and daughter Macy came along to help and ride shotgun on Sat. for Brian. Macy had a chance to ride Erik a bit and they both had a good time. Future drivers I hope.