Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Euitana Essen 2009

What an amazing experience this was. Another item crossed off my Bucket List. I was pleased to present the Ribbon to the Top stallion Dexter for CFHA. Dexter is also the daddy of some of the fillies that came on the Lift. He is a nice boy but then I saw his daddy Dylan in Oldenwald and he is even better looking. All in all if any of you get a chance to see some of the videos from Equitana on You Tube, they are well worth the time. Check out the IGF Fjord Quadrille team...awesome.
One of the photos shows Borken, the daddy of our new White dun Stallion Bastian vom Oderhaff trying to get on the bus cause he decided the long walk from the barns to the exhibits (Messe)was too long.
Also had a good time with Horst and Annemarie for her special 80th birthday. Uwe was there to spend the day with us and eventually too me to the airport that night.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Home and Free at last

They are home and Happy

After a long journey the fillies are home: had a chance to roll and cavort with glee. The next day the federal and the local vets came to draw blood and all the testing began. They are in quarantine until results are passed. They look amazing after a long journey and are loving the sunshine that we are having.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This latest news from Calgary

My niece Corrina writes:

Hi Ursula,

Brian invited me to come along and see the whole process. Wow!!!!! We went to the airport at 5:00am but the plane didn't arrive until 7:00am. The horses were offloaded, taken out of the crate, vet checked and loaded into the trailers all within 40 minutes. Everyone was fine. The mare had a nasty itch that needed to be scratched and the little white dune was pretty feisty but curious. Everyone was wonderful and so great with the horses. I'm amazed at how fast everything moved along. When I left at 8:00 Brian was waiting for customs papers but he wanted me to let you know they were on their way. Corrina
photos taken at Cargo Lux after coming out of their container. Canada Health Inspection check microchips and travel documents. shown are Brian and Eike looking on. Brian glowing. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

only one more sleep

Ok, so I leave for Essen Germany tomorrow morning and going to Equitana, the German Fjord Registry (IGF) 35th Jubilee and my aunt's 80th birthday.
Yippee.....for you horse fans ...guess what?
I will be seeing Lorenzo LIVE.....too bad eh?
I will bring prictures and maybe even a video to share...
I will be back on the 22nd March and hopefully spring will be here. In the meantime....enjoy the weather, there is nothing we can do about it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yipppeeee ! The new and improved website is up and running

Please check it out by going to the link on our profile page. www.TrinityFjords.com has a new look and many new photos for your enjoyment. See some of your Fjord Friends that have visited over the years and the wonderful memories we have made together.
Looking for a great gift idea for your favorite horse person????...Our rates for the Driving lessons are very comparable and if you have a Fjord who needs professional driving/riding lessons...talk to us. We can make it happen.

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Ride Of The Year

Took Erik the Red (Erik) out for his first ride of the season. He was VERY vigilant and made sure I knew that the dogs and the peacocks that greeted us were definitely going to get him and his life would be over. On the way home he thought faster was better. Poor guy had to walk the whole way and back again and came home all in one piece in spite of himself.
The snow is melting slowly and the roads are drying up so soon the routine driving and riding to get the teams into shape will start.

Thor goes home after being at Trinity Fjords for the winter

Thor is finally back home after spending the winter at Trinity Fjords where his (almost) daily workout gave him such a beautiful neckline to greet his friend Reina. Watch for this boy in the driving ring in the future cause he is amazing and talented. Taffy will have to put the miles on him but he will be a looker, no doubt about it. Right now he is in good shape and loves his work.
Brian took Thor back to Kennewick WA two days ago and he and Taffy have been driving and having some lessons while he is there.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is priceless

A few weeks ago Julie and I went to see the Froelich's in Snohomish WA. for a quick visit. We were watching Karli do some of her gymnastic moves: she was having some difficulty standing on her head so I decided to show her a yoga move that gets the legs up slowly....anyway, everyone thought it was sooooo funny when I started and they decided to get a photo of my butt for the world to see.....Julie, being the helpful friend that she is, decided to stand as spotter and it turns out the photo shows HER butt and mine...not so much....Ha ha!!

Of course Karli was much more graceful when SHE did it.....dont' ya just hate gettin old?
We had fun and a good laugh..

Our new and improved WEBSITE will soon be up. I hope you will check it out.

In the meantime I am getting very excited about going to Equitana and my aunt's 80th Birthday. Both are in the same city, my home town Essen, Germany. I will post many new photos when I get back.