Thursday, February 2, 2012

summer training

4yr old Izzy is starting her training....She will do her first Arena Trial in 2012..she has her dad's (Raynor) athletic ability

Teressa's Cera is working hard...what a good girl

The Vorhoeves from the Island pick up their Fjords after training and a successful Breeding to Bastian...happy times


2,,.meeting Lorenzo ooolala

3...reunited with summer 2009 intern Kat.
1...and Ursula with Maennekin Piss in Belgium.

It's a New Year!!!!

Ok so I have been a tad slack in keeping things updated with this Blog but wanted to share some 2011 happenings.
..March had me back in Germany (with three friends) to attend Equitana and reunited with Kat and her mom
..summer training here at the farm for both people and their Fjords
...Bastian vom Oderhaff was sent to Montana to be with Breanne and learn some western riding as well as breed a few mares. He enjoyed it
...BC Summer games were sooooo fun
...New York city is even more amazing than anticipated
...Molly the super rider
...Winter family fun